Lately, I was painting figures and I started combining natural elements in some body parts. However, I never had the courage to remove some of the portraits. In this artwork I wanted to challenge myself and get out from my comfort zone. While composing this piece I wanted to keep into consideration the negative spaces, floral silhouettes, and the portrait, by neither revealing nor hiding too much. I wanted the artwork to set a nostalgia mood.


I started with several watercolor washes. Then I used ink to add more values and opaqueness and bring out a higher contrast on the leaves. Moreover I gradually added wax pastels and pencil colors for detail. I come back and forth with the mediums till I got a satisfying result, there was no particular order. Finally, I added some highlights with white acrylic and also added the small details. This experiment was a bit daunting, but in the end, I am very satisfied with this result and I intend to do a series with this style.