Last year I had the pleasure to work on a project for the Maltese event ‘Pageant of the Seas 2018’. Limited by a timeframe of just 10 weeks, I had to come up with an animation that had to be projected on a ‘water fountain’ in the middle of the Maltese Grand Harbour sea with a theme related to both Maltese history and current affairs. Technically the idea behind the projection was that the water serves as a 20meter tall canvas and giving the illusion that the animation stands in the air (really cool). I based the story around our local historic statue ‘The Goddess of Fertility’, where from the sleeping pose her dreams come back to life and displaying more of our local iconic elements such as the eye of the luzzu, temples patterns and the very much missed Azure window. Please note that the project also included a choreographic dance at various times of the projections, but for the sake of simplicity I am only featuring my work. Also, most of the visuals are in black for transparency reasons considering they were meant to be projected as described above.

Unfortunately, the end result turned out not to be so successful as on the date of the event the very strong winds kept breaking the tall and thin layer of water/canvas, so the whole effect kept failing. However, it was still a privilege to be entrusted by the event organizers to express my ideas and come up with a concept, illustrate and animate on this project.